Monsieur Philippe – In the style of Manchego, this cheese is typically made with Sheep’s milk, we use local organic Jersey cow’s milk.

Monsieur Philippe has a complex bouquet of grass, sweet milk, honey and moderately sharp piquant flavors. Aged 6-9 months.

Madrone Grove – Our Alpine / Tomme style cheese. Mendocino Coast terroir: buttery, nutty, and grassy flavors. Made with local organic grass fed Jersey Cow’s milk. Aged 90+ days.


L’Amitié (Friendship) – Our Bloomy Rind Cheese and cousin of Camembert is made with local organic grass fed Jersey Cow’s milk.

These delicious rounds, provide a complex flavor bouquet of the grassy flora from our Mendocino Coast. Flavor: grass, mushroom and butter, slightly tangy, garlic and fruit.

Eureka Hill – This hard rind cheese is reminiscent to Italian table cheeses of the Vincenza region in the Dolomites.

Eureka Hill captures balanced flavors of toasted nuts, brown butter, sweet cream, and mild smooth notes of delicate floral honey. Made with farm fresh, local, organic milk from grass-fed Coastal Jersey cows. Aged 90+ days.

Where to Buy: Find Monsieur Philippe, Madrone Grove, L’Amitié and Eureka Hill at Surf Market in Gualala. Also at Bird Cafe and Supper Club in Point Arena.

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