Pazzo Marco Creamery - Artisan Gelato and Artisan Cheese

“Marco painstakingly handcrafts each batch of gelato using a traditional Italian method that he has perfected in his gelato lab buried in the woods in the Gualala hills.” Lauren Sloss – Serious Eats

Find Our Gelato

The Surf Market

Huckleberry Heaven
Sea Ranch 50th Birthday Selection
Fior Di Latte
Huckleberry Arabesch

Italian Hazelnut Piedmonte
Cioccolato Fondente
Frutti Di Bosco
Mixed Berry Sorbetto
Vaniglia Madagascar

Pazzo Marco Creamery Gelato Cart - Artisan Gelato and Artisan Cheese at the Surf Market

Join us at the Gelato Cart @ Surf Market – Summer Season


Cioccolato Fondente
Vaniglia Madagascar

Black Point Grill

Cioccolato Fondente
Vaniglia Madagascar
Seasonal Sorbetti

Anchor Bay Thai

Matcha Green Tea
Coconut Pineapple Sorbetto

Our Cheese

Madrone Grove

An Alpine style cheese that beautifully captures the essence and flora from the cows grazing in the fields on our very own Mendocino Coast.

With buttery-nutty, grassy flavors and aromas:  Aged 90+ days. Available at the Surf Market – Gualala.

Pazzo Marco Creamery - Artisan Gelato and Artisan Cheese - Madrone-Grove

About Us

Paul - Pazzo Marco Creamery - Artisan Gelato and Artisan CheeseMarco - Pazzo Marco Creamery - Artisan Gelato and Artisan Cheese

We make gelato the old fashioned way. We pick up farm fresh Jersey Cows milk from a local organic dairy during the morning milking. The milk is still warm when it arrives at our creamery. To the milk, fresh in-season ingredients are added such as farm fresh free range eggs and cream. Our vanilla gelato is made with pure vanilla bean and fresh Mascarpone cheese. 80% dark chocolate is used in our Chocolate Gelato. We source only the best Pistacchios and Hazelnuts from a selected Italian purveyor.  Our batches are small – No more than five liters at a time is made in our small batch freezer. This affords us to give a lot of love and attention to our product which we feel you deserve.  We then pack it by hand and deliver it in an all-electric vehicle to our customers.

Our passion is making the best Artisan Gelato and Artisan Cheese.  We believe that our journey is to keep making it better. We hope you notice the difference.

Our Philosophy

  • Create a premium product that is nutritious and delicious
  • Support our local farmers, purveyors and our incredible community
  • Select the best fresh, in-season ingredients, locally first
  • Introduce ingredients early in our process to ensure optimal flavor, consistency and quality
  • Choose purveyors who share our values in practicing sustainable farming methods, fair trade, and care for our precious natural resources and the environment in which we all live.

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Pazzo Marco Creamery – 707.884.9548
P.O. Box 1532, Gualala, CA 95445

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