Pazzo Marco gelato is made from scratch in small batches beginning with farm fresh, local, organic milk from grass-fed Coastal Jersey cows. The milk is collected fresh from the farm just after the morning milking. We add hand selected premium ingredients: free range cage-free organic eggs, 80% dark Valrhona chocolate, Italian hazelnuts,

California toasted almonds and Sicilian pistachios, Suisun Valley peaches and apricots, Lake County Bartlett pears, Meyer lemons and Bergamot oranges freshly picked from our garden, Sebastopol strawberries, and local huckleberry. Our goal is that you will enjoy eating our gelato as much as we enjoy making it.


Surf Market ~ Gualala
Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen ~ Anchor Bay
Bird Cafe and Supper Club ~ Point Arena
Black Point Grill ~ The Sea Ranch
Coast Kitchen ~ Timber Cove

Pazzo Marco Gelato Cart at Surf Market
Join us at the Gelato Cart on Saturdays (Memorial Day – Labor Day)


Celebrate with an assortment of gelato and sorbetto pairings from our half-pint collection.
Available exclusively at Surf Market in Gualala. Flavors alternate weekly.


MGroveMadroneGroveLabelMadrone Grove – Our Alpine / Tomme style cheese. Mendocino Coast terroir: buttery, nutty, and grassy flavors. Made with local organic grass fed Jersey Cow’s milk. Aged 90+ days.


LamitieLabelL’Amitié (Friendship) – FriendshipOur Bloomy Rind Cheese and cousin of Camembert is made with local organic grass fed Jersey Cow’s milk. These delicious rounds, provide a complex flavor bouquet of the grassy flora from our Mendocino Coast. Flavor: grass, mushroom and butter, slightly tangy, garlic and fruit.


MGroveEurekaHillLabelEureka Hill – This hard rind cheese is reminiscent to Italian table cheeses of the Vincenza region in the Dolomites. Eureka Hill captures balanced flavors of toasted nuts, brown butter, sweet cream, and mild smooth notes of delicate floral honey. Made with farm fresh, local, organic milk from grass-fed Coastal Jersey cows. Aged 90+ days.


Where to Buy: Find Madrone Grove, L’Amitié and Eureka Hill at Surf Market in Gualala. Also served at Coast Kitchen in Timber Cove and Bird Cafe and Supper Club in Point Arena.


Pazzo Marco Creamery Founder Paul Vierra
Pazzo Marco Creamery Founder Marco Moramarco

We created Pazzo Marco Creamery out of our passion for local, natural and delicious wholesome food. Our small batch artisan gelato and cheese are crafted with local organic milk in our micro creamery on the ridge of the Mendocino Coast near the town of Gualala. We create all of our recipes from scratch to bring out the best in flavor and texture. We believe artisan food is truly handmade where scrupulous attention is devoted to every detail. Our goal is to achieve a lovingly handcrafted product that delights the pallet – infused with love and natural local goodness.

Our Philosophy

  • Create premium products that delight the senses and that are nutritious and delicious.
  • Support our community, local farmers, and our purveyors.
  • Select the best, fresh, in-season ingredients, locally first when available.
  • Introduce ingredients early in our process to ensure optimal flavor, consistency, and quality.
  • Choose purveyors and merchants that share our values by supporting sustainable farming methods, fair trade, and care for our precious, natural resources, and the environment in which we live.

P.O. Box 1532
Gualala, California 95445

Creamery Tours by Appointment
Contact marco@pazzomarco.com

Made Local - Go Local Mendonoma Coast


Let us participate in your next special event – rehearsal dinner, wedding, anniversary, birthday, fundraiser or any celebration or gathering. Our Pazzo Marco Creamery Gelato Cart can accommodate from 100-250 servings. A selection of gelato flavors of your choosing is handcrafted fresh on the day of your event and is a delightful and entertaining way to enhance your occasion. For inquiries, please contact us at marco@pazzomarco.com or telephone us at 707.884.9548.



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